Censorship: Twitter Takeover Totally Panics Political Regime of LeftLibDemSocMediaTechPol

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Wed Apr 5 00:13:00 PDT 2023


Renee Diresta is a Deep State CIA Agent PIECE OF SHIT.

Michael Shellenberger @ShellenbergerMD
A growing body of evidence shows U.S. govt officials, agencies, &
contractors demanding Facebook & Twitter censor ordinary Americans.
Now, an influential censorship advocate has admitted that she worked
for the CIA. Who is she? Why is she so influential?
Why Renee Diresta Leads The Censorship Industry
How a former CIA fellow came to lead US government efforts to stamp
out disfavored speech on the Internet.

Notice how the entire mainstream fake news media is
effectively silent on THE TWITTER FILES... all traditional
broadcast and print news outlets... silence... all Democrat
oriented entities... silent... they're all totally corrupt.
Corrupt social and media services are shutting down
the embarassing Twitter Files story just like they
did with covax jan6 truth etc.

You're being psyop'd and losing, badly. Fight Back, Revolt Now.


Matt Taibbi discusses disturbing new findings in the Twitter files.
Aspen Institute discussions in 2021 revealed their Orwellian plan to
rollout legislation in the EU/US designed to ensure complete control
and immediate surveillance over media content monitored by AI...

Our last Club Grubbery was taken down by me for reasons that will soon
be made very clear. We are in a desperate state of censorship in this
that has gone beyond reprehensible. I have made a decision...

@FBIPantyRaid: They studied history and are worried about an American
“velvet revolution”. They know the only thing that will derail their
plans of total control is a peaceful velvet revolution with an
effective general strike. Our side is way behind.

1984 was supposed to be a warning, not a roadmap to tyranny.
Same with Network and Being There.

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