Trump Indictment Is Going to Make US Politics Even More Divisive

professor rat pro2rat at
Tue Apr 4 14:14:54 PDT 2023

>>>  another grim marker of American civic decline that could lead to any number of
outcomes—none of them good. ,<<<
>>> the country is rocketing forward into a new,
explosive and even more bitterly divided partisan era.<<<

Assuming this is all true how bad does it have to get before there is something closer to real democracy in the US?

Any rigged republic with a rigged senate, a rigged ' college ', a rigged judicial system and rampant gerrymandering will lead to predictably bad outcomes anywhere its trialed. Its not a democracy.

So where is the push for reform?  More democracy? I won't hold my breath waiting for any lead from Bloomberg.

BTW Agonism (from Greek ἀγών agon, "struggle") is a political and social theory that emphasizes the potentially positive aspects of certain forms of conflict. It accepts a permanent place for such conflict in the political sphere, but seeks to show how individuals might accept and channel this conflict positively.

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