Xi Jinping needs killing ( My 2k sats )

efc at swisscows.email efc at swisscows.email
Tue Apr 4 14:14:37 PDT 2023

I wonder why there is no assassination market for Putin given the war in 
Ukraine? I would imagine that getting Putin assassinated would be one of 
the quickest ways to end the war.

On Tue, 4 Apr 2023, professor rat wrote:

> A prediction market on a person is also an assassination market on that person.
>>>>    sarahemclaugh
> Apr 3
> AI image generator Midjourney lets users make satirical images of Biden, Putin, and other leaders. But not Xi Jinping.
> Midjourney’s CEO says “political satire in china is pretty not-okay” so he’s applying China’s speech rules globally to all users.
> https://techdirt.com/2023/03/31/midjourney-ceo-says-political-satire-in-china-is-pretty-not-okay-but-apparently-silencing-satire-about-xi-jinping-is-pretty-okay/
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