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Mon Apr 3 17:56:29 PDT 2023

Fuck the Kings, and the Presidents, and the PM's, and the
Agencies, and the Governments, all of them, in their ass, hard...

Macron is filthy like all the rest of them.

You have Crypto and the Internet now, and you're learning
the benefit of p2p voluntary societies for freedom, you can
break free of your subjugation to those filthy fucks and their systems
of enslavement, it's time to take your Freedom back from them, now...

French Woman Faces $13,000 Fine For Facebook Post Calling President
Macron "Filth"

In an unprecedented case, a woman from northern France is set to face
trial for allegedly insulting President Emmanuel Macron on social

The incident occurred when the woman referred to Macron as “filth” in
a Facebook post.

If found guilty, she could be slapped with a hefty €12,000 fine,
although jail time is not on the table. The trial is scheduled to take
place in June.

The woman's arrest took place last Friday, following a complaint filed
by the local administrative office in response to her Facebook post.

Saint Omer prosecutor Mehdi Benbouzid confirmed the arrest and
provided details to AFP. The Facebook post in question was published
on March 21st, a day prior to Macron's televised interview with TF1,
where he defended his contentious pension reform plans that have
incited protests across the nation.

In her Facebook post, the woman had written, “This piece of filth is
going to address you at 1:00 pm… it's always on television that we see
this filth.”

The accused, a woman in her 50s, was an active participant in the
“Yellow Vest” demonstrations that challenged Macron during his initial
term in office.

Charged with “insulting the president of the republic,” the woman is
set to stand trial in Saint Omer on June 20. Speaking with the
regional newspaper La Voix du Nord, the woman expressed her disbelief
at the accusations, stating, “They want to make an example of me.”

Identified as Valerie by the newspaper, she recounted her shock upon
discovering that police officers had arrived at her home to arrest

“I asked them if it was a joke, I had never been arrested,” she said.
“I am not public enemy number one.”

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