Litigating Universal Cognitive Liberty

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> Mr. City Council Man:
> There is a missing St. Bernard, named Brody out of Chelsea.
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> the location described and there was no Brody.
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> Subject: Litigating Universal Cognitive Liberty
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> Litigating Universal Cognitive Liberty
> Freedom of thought is recognized by the Universal Declaration of Human
> Rights (UDHR). Interestingly,, cognitive liberty is not recognized as an
> international human right. Some want to change that, making the argument
> that humanity has the right to be free to think whatever they want (freedom
> of thought).
> The Ottawa Citizen reports
> <> that
> the Canadian armed forces have launched ‘psychological operations’ as an
> experiment in government propaganda to counter civil disobedience.
> International human rights scholars are quick to point out that the lack of
> protection of cognitive liberty in such instances is due to the relative
> lack of technology capable of directly interfering with mental autonomy at
> the time the core human rights treaties were created.
> Similar to a ransomware attack, the technology behind such operations can
> be abused. Canada is said to have exploited advanced technologies without
> the authority to do so. Even worse, it is alleged that Canada forcefully
> abused technology in the unsanctioned production of reports that appeared
> to be aimed at cognitive activities of Canadians.
>    - Other reports highlight similar technologies being explored by the
>    New York City Police Department.
>    - In 2021
>    <>,
>    members of the National Lawyers Guild won $650,000 in litigation financed
>    fees from abuse of the technology in New York.
> The semantics empowering freedom of thought as a human right hold new
> opportunities for modern international recognition of the right to
> cognitive liberty.
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