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“There Was a Lot of Harm and Lawbreaking"
Josh Yoder, President of US Freedom Flyers,
Tells TGP’s Jim Hoft Lawsuits Are Coming

Josh Yoder is a Veteran, Major Airline Pilot, and President of US
Freedom Flyers.

US Freedom Flyers is an organization founded to put a stop to the
illegal mandates being imposed on airline employees and the traveling

Josh has spoken out boldly on behalf of human rights and freedom. He
is a passionate advocate for his constituents in the airline industry.
He has dedicated his life to pursuing justice and bringing
accountability to the corrupt transportation system.

US Freedom Flyers has amassed an enormous following of freedom-loving
transportation professionals and passengers not only in the United
States but worldwide who are unified in the fight against tyranny.

This morning Josh Yoder spoke with TGP’s Jim Hoft.

Josh discussed the airline cancellations and pilot shortages that have
occurred recently.

And Josh broke the news that that a major lawsuit will be filed in the
coming days against the airlines and unions. Josh’s organization and
their team of attorneys are looking at everything that happened and
how best to proceed in court against these organisations and the
dangerous experimental vaccines they were requiring.

Watch the video interview below:

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