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Thu Sep 29 01:43:10 PDT 2022 Tranzformed: Finding Peace
With Your God Given Gender

> Currently, with school children being indoctrinated with transgender
> ideology and some communities having drag queens come in full garb to do
> story time, or instructions being sent home with kindergarteners about
> masturbation, Dillon believes sane people need to voice their opposition
> because this is harmful to young developing minds.
> “There's a moral obligation you have as a parent to insulate your
> children from things that would corrupt their innocence to the extent
> that you can. You certainly don't want to be exposing them to it, or
> indoctrinating them, or trying to normalize behavior that you know is
> lewd or indecent,” he said.
> Dillon said he is shocked that more people are not outraged about this
> type of indoctrination, sexualization, and grooming of young children.
> The people doing the indoctrination are “pretty open about their
> motivations and their purpose, their mission is to stir up the queer
> imagination in children,” said Dillon.
> “What Libs of TikTok is doing is, I think, important journalistic work
> that a lot of journalists are neglecting,” said Dillon. And the reason
> the left has targeted the account is that it is exposing their amoral
> agenda


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