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Watch the Awkward Silence When Hollywood Actor Tries to Joke About
Globalist ‘Conspiracy Theories’
by Kyle Becker September 24, 2022, 8:11 pm

Hollywood actor Kal Penn, best known for portraying a druggie burnout
in the Harold & Kumar film series, has been heavily immersed in
political activism since the Obama administration.

So, when Kal Penn presented for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation at
its 2022 Goalkeepers conference, surrounded by he must have thought
that his ‘jokes’ dismissing Covid ‘conspiracy theories’ would surely
score laughs.

Instead, his presentation fell flat. It was so remarkably awkward that
one could almost sense his comments were having the opposite effect.

“The vaccines that saved millions of lives and have allowed us to
return to normal,” Penn said. “Even those things are viewed with

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“Take, for example, the words of a 5G conspiracy theorist in June of
2020, who said, here’s the quote, ‘5G Corona is the hashtag truth.
There is no damn virus. We all got sick around the same time. And
that’s when they rolled out 5g’… okay. Or the words, a very
enthusiastic Twitter user posted in December of 2020, when scientists
released the first vaccines for COVID 19. Here’s the quote from that.
‘Look, Jacob, what you don’t understand is that Pence and Biden didn’t
actually get the vaccine. Instead, they were injected. You all know
where this is going with Bill Gates’ microchip designed to force you
to only buy Microsoft products. Do your research, sheeple.”

“Now look, jokes aside, to be clear, many conspiracies are based on
very real fears, right?” he went on. “For a lot of communities,
especially communities of color, governments and the private sector
institutions and individuals have historically experimented on us and
degraded and disrupted our parents or grandparents or
great-grandparents’ generations. The effects and consequences of this
are still things that we grapple with today.”

“But let’s face it,” he continued. “It doesn’t make a big difference
in Bill Gates’ life if people think he’s microchipping you, when he
knows he’s not. He’s too busy jumping on the trampoline in his living

“Anyway,” he added awkwardly. “Instead, conspiracy theories hurts
everybody else. This entire event is about reaching the sustainable
development goals, ending poverty, ending hunger, improving health.
But we’re not gonna improve health, if people believe their medicine
has a GPS tracker in it. And we’re not gonna help farmers in Africa
grow more food. If everyone thinks that the corn, that Bill wheeled in
here is a secret Illuminati plot to take over the ethanol market. The
point is it doesn’t matter how good your idea is if no one trusts you.
So the question remains, what can we actually do about it?”

It’s interesting that Kal Penn should bring up a collapse of trust in
the medical establishment after the numerous false promises that the
experts made to sell the mRNA ‘vaccines’ at any cost.

Even today, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla announced that he has Covid for
the second time in six weeks after initially promising 100%
effectiveness in stopping the spread of the virus in April 2021.

Or you could listen to Mark Steyn mock the Covid experts for being
‘baffled’ that the least vaccinated country in Europe has the lowest
excess mortality rate, while the most vaccinated country has the
highest excess mortality rate.

    "The country with the lowest vaccination rate has the lowest
excess mortality rate and the country with the highest vaccination
rate has the highest excess mortality." Mark Steyn

    But Experts are completely

    — WOLSNED 🇬🇧 (@wolsned) September 17, 2022

“But altogether now, correlation is not causation,” Steyn remarked.

Indeed, it could all be a coincidence. Just like it’s a coincidence
that vaccines don’t stop the spread. And that masks don’t stop the
spread. And that lockdowns saved almost no lives, but did
extraordinary economic and social damage. It could just be that the
Experts were stupid when they ignored decades of scientific research
that strongly suggested that those measures wouldn’t work.

Even if these were purportedly “noble lies,” they just so happened to
net big pharmaceutical companies billions in profits, and they just so
happened to give governments vast ’emergency powers’ that they then
weaponized to fix elections.

That is inevitably going to cause a crisis in the public trust.

It’s also enough to cause thinking people to ask questions. And no
amount of repeatedly denouncing people who ask questions as
‘conspiracy theorists’ is going to stop it. It’s too late for that
now. The Experts should have thought about that before they decided
that they could arrogantly lie to people’s faces over and over again
and get away with it.

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