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Best if no one wanted that old Lusitania anyways...

Blasts Detected Near Nord Stream As Images Reveal "Huge Leak"

AFP News reported the US is 'ready to provide support' to Europe after
the Nord Stream pipeline system leaks.

There was no further information on what type of support, but one can
only imagine it would involve increased LNG cargo shipments to the EU.

There's only one issue...

    And then watch these floating hindenburgs encounter unexpected if
catastrophic "events" as they sail to Europe https://t.co/aoMOWxWDry
    — zerohedge (@zerohedge) September 26, 2022

Swedish broadcaster SVT reported that the Swedish National Seismic
Network detected two underwater explosions near the Nord Stream
pipeline system on Monday.

    "One of the explosions had a magnitude of 2.3, and was registered
at as many as 30 measuring stations in southern Sweden," SVT said.

Bjorn Lund, a professor in seismology and director of the Swedish
National Seismic Network, said these two seismic events were

Here's a map of the three leaks on the Nord Stream pipeline system.

    All blasts seem to be just outside territorial waters (though
within EEZ) - that has potential legal implications regarding
interference with sovereignty

    Also interesting is whether sheer size of methane bubbles (1km
diameter) moves it back inside Danish territory...
    — David Sheppard (@OilSheppard) September 27, 2022

Bloomberg's Javier Blas said the size of the "gas leak is huge."

    The size of the Nord Stream pipeline gas leak is huge.

    According to the Danish armed forces, it measures about 1
kilometer in diameter. The smaller circle in the center is
approximately 200 meters wide https://t.co/7FJQNN5hNg
    — Javier Blas (@JavierBlas) September 27, 2022

So the question remains what (or who) caused the blasts?

Remember what President Biden said weeks before Russia invaded Ukraine:

     "If Russia invades...then there will be no longer a Nord Stream
2. We will bring an end to it."

    No biggie, just a major gas leak in Nordstream 2 and suspected
‘sabotage,’ it’s a real mystery what’s going on 🤔
    — Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) September 27, 2022

Swedish daily newspaper Aftonbaldet quoted the Swedish Defense Force's
chief of operations, Michael Claesson, who said it's not ruled out
that there's a connection to the gas leaks and Russia's mobilization
last week.

Claesson then told the paper that the incident was a "military matter."

Danish Defense Forces published the first images of the gas leaks from
the Nord Stream pipeline system near the exclusive economic zone
southeast of Bornholm island, according to the Swedish daily newspaper

The first images show a large surface area of gas bubbles in the Baltic Sea.

Here are more images of one of the leaks.

Another leak was reported by the Danish Defense Forces to be 1
kilometer in diameter on the surface water.

    UPDATE - The surface area of the largest Nord Stream gas leak
shows a "disturbance" of well over 1 kilometer in diameter, according
to the Danish armed forces. pic.twitter.com/u0r4cGjImo
    — Disclose.tv (@disclosetv) September 27, 2022

This is an absolutely massive leak.

A handful of EU officials suspect the pipelines were sabotaged.

Sweden’s government held a crisis management meeting with other public
authorities over the damage to the Nord Stream pipeline system,
Swedish daily newspaper Aftonbaldet said, citing comments from Foreign
Minister Ann Linde.

Linde said Sweden may discuss the pipeline damage with Denmark later today.

Denmark is tightening security around all energy assets as some
European officials speculate the NS pipeline system was sabotaged.

The plot thickens about what caused damage to three lines of the Nord
Stream gas-pipeline system under the Baltic Sea to Europe as some
European officials now suspect sabotage.

Nord Stream AG, the operator of the NS pipeline system, published a
statement Tuesday that read, "the destruction that happened within one
day at three lines of the Nord Stream pipeline system is unprecedented
... and impossible now to estimate the timeframe for restoring
operations of the gas shipment infrastructure."

On Monday, NS2 gas pipeline and two NS1 lines reported rapid pressure
drops, with gas leaks reported by Swedish and Danish authorities in
the Baltic Sea near the exclusive economic zone southeast of Bornholm

A more in-depth view of the incident area.

Pressure drops in the NS gas-pipeline system could be the biggest
signal that flows via NS1 might not resume this winter. Germany and
surrounding countries are investigating the incident. NS2 cannot
impact flows to the EU because the controversial idled conduit was
never operational after German Chancellor Olaf Scholz canceled it
after Russia invaded Ukraine earlier this year.

Klaus Mueller, the president of the German energy network regulator,
tweeted that the market situation remains "tense," but Germany and the
EU are no longer dependent on NS supplies.

Nord Stream AG issued an outage message that is active until Oct. 26,
while the German economy ministry said it's investigating the

Dutch front-month gas, the European benchmark, was up nearly 10% at
190.50 euros per megawatt-hour on Tuesday morning.

The simultaneous pressure drop of the NS lines suggests some market
participants may watch for any indication of sabotage.

Denmark's Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said it was hard to imagine
NS gas leaks were caused by a "coincidence."

Frederiksen didn't rule out sabotage, though she said it was too early
to draw any conclusions, according to Reuters, quoting public
broadcaster DR during a visit to Poland.

A German security official told Bloomberg that NS damage appears to be
the result of "sabotage."

    The evidence points to a violent act, rather than a technical
issue, according to a German security official, who asked not to be
identified because the matter is being probed. -Bloomberg

German daily newspaper Tagesspiegel reported that "the Nord Stream
pipelines may have been damaged by targeted attacks and leaked as a

A source close to the government, quoted in the newspaper, said,
"everything speaks against a coincidence."

    "We cannot imagine a scenario that is not a targeted attack," the
source said.

Die Welt, another German newspaper, reported the timing of the NS
damage may suggest sabotage and was unlikely to be an accident.

Reporters asked Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov if the NS system's
pressure drop could be due to sabotage. He responded: "It is
impossible to exclude any options."

There appears to be no immediate end to the gas leak from NS
pipelines, according to the Danish national daily newspaper
Berlingske, which quoted Danish Energy Authority.

    — zerohedge (@zerohedge) September 27, 2022

The energy authority said, "a lot of gas is coming out, so it is not a
small crack, it's a really big hole. Nord Stream leaks can be a
deliberate act, but it can also be something else, it's just extremely
rare that something like this happens."

    — zerohedge (@zerohedge) September 27, 2022

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