Assassination Politics

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Mon Sep 26 19:33:24 PDT 2022
Micro aggression and social exclusion in data-driven lives
Among the items discovered in the car was a document, entitled
"Assassination Politics", lists of the names and addresses of IRS
employees, material on making improvised explosives (including ...
Now available across all platforms is my discussion Charles Haywood
with Peter R. Quiones, host of the Free Man Beyond the Wall podcast.
We talk abo
ut the fracture of America, putting one s boot on the neck of the
Left, why hedge fund operators are inferior to glass factory workers,
and much mor


    November 3, 2021

Your best podcast appearance yet IMO.

While listening I wrote a note to ask if you re familiar with Jim Bell
s 1995 essay  Assassination Politics.

Since Gordian knot political solutions, crypto currency, blockchain
smart contracts, and blockchain oracles are all fashionable, its
strange to me that AP is not. His essay is far more relevant today
with all the major technical hurdles are solved. Even the culture
seems more warlike and suited for AP now.

    Ricky Moore
        November 4, 2021

    Most normies are feminized, fat, comfortable physical, moral and
intellectual cowards and prefer to hide and consider themselves better
because they re  peaceful , even though (as Burnham in  The
Machiavellians  and Georges Sorel point out) an aversion to violence
may actually allow more violence in the total.
        Charles Haywood
            November 5, 2021

        This, while it has large elements of truth, is far too
pessimistic, both in under-rating the degree to which people can
change/improve, and in under-rating the number of (silent) people who
are not like this, many of whom have useful skills.
            Ricky Moore
                November 5, 2021

            I don t believe in free will, I think biology and
conditioning controls most people ave their responses to a huge degree
which modern tabula rasa Whig society refuses to acknowledge. Under
compulsion ( here I mean more the facts of circumstances than
political or personal force) people adapt, sometimes with surprising
alacrity, but it requires institutions, skills, incentives and most of
all competent leadership to make significant changes. As absurd as the
modern American nation has become it remains that we are the most
physically productive economy in history (contra populist rhetoric, we
manufacture and mine more than we ever have, we just don t use human
beings for it) and that gives a huge amount of buffer. Look at how
garbage Brasil is today, while being far poorer and more violent than
our own society, and without much sign of a popular revolt or Caesar
to correct the inanities of their abusive elite. We have a long way to
fall before we get to Brasil, which means that the US could face
literally centuries of decline before its masses are hard pressed
enough, and is elites fractured enough, to actually lead to productive
reverses (rather than mere catastrophic and pointless civil wars and
grifter populism).
            I believe that having a decent mass society is mostly a
matter of luck, as the masses are simply too easily manipulated and
their betters too comfortable to actually force through the drastic
changes needed. Like yourself I don t believe in an AI controlled
Brave New World, but I don t see why America won t just become a huge
Honduras where most people are serfs to warlords and crooked business
interests, destined to be shot if they try to fight the inept,
universally corrupt but heavily armed police and military forces. Of
course the situation in South America is partly predicated on American
intervention and ethnic problems, but we re making our own ethnic
problems and could easily become a colony for some outside empire once
we become too pathetic to defend ourselves.
                November 9, 2021

            The bourgeoisie are useless in strife.
            That s if they were men instead of the AWFL wife s Drone
slaves- and they are slaves.

            The  Middle Class  are AWFLS (affluent white ladies) and
at best they will stand aside. Neither their husbands nor sons are
worth even asking.

            The election in Virginia was simply a Basic lesson of
politics since 1965; our elites will not live as peasants. They live
conservative, affluent lives and govern over an ever spreading
progressive Detroit Hell.

            They live Republican and govern Democrat.
            They live Rumson or Montclair and govern Camden, Newark.
Respectfully Heaven and Hell, NJ.

            Camden makes Newark look like Switzerland, BTW.
            November 5, 2021

        People have aversions to dirty hands, not violence in the
abstract. Cruelty with a keyboard, crowdsourcing, and the desire to
punish one s enemies are all far more common today than in 1995. These
are the necessary ingredients for AP. The actual triggermen need only
be a tiny minority.
            Ricky Moore
                November 5, 2021

            It s not just an unwillingness to engage in combat that s
a problem. It s an unwillingness to do literally anything except
various forms of masturbation m
    Charles Haywood
        November 5, 2021

    Thank you! I am not familiar with it; I ll check it out.
    jim bell
        December 23, 2021

    Thank you very much for your comment. Jim Bell, author of
Assassination Politics.
    I am usually found on the Cypherpunks email list.

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