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Mon Sep 26 16:00:13 PDT 2022 Paddock, Serco, Death Pool Betting
Assassination politics, Weapons of Mass Destruction and IT - a
timeline based on quoted texts with references, and main focus on
South Africa, the US and Sweden

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Posted on 12/25/21 at 8:53 pm to notiger1997

    Las Vegas shooter.

My favorite speculation


death pool betting (see Gizmodo article below as this is a real thing...)
pedophile blackmail rings

It is speculated that Paddock was a promoter of a VIP junkent room
that fielded very high rolling clients "betting" on murders...

It gets very tangential, but bulk of discussion is at 56:10 (but the
whole discussion is very interesting...)


    Paddock, Serco and Death Pool Betting An In-Depth Conversation

    Serco is the biggest company you never heard of. Are they somehow
connected to Stephen Paddock? Did this multinational conglomerate play
a role in the Las Vegas massacre of October 1? Are there shadowy
groups of wealthy elites who finance assassinations through evil
"death pool" betting syndicates?

Talk about market forces!

Absolutely fascinating and terrifying...

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