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New directions in assassination markets (
3 points by sanjuro on May 19, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

justintocci on May 19, 2014 [–]

This guy reminds me of the "lottery club" we had in my high school.
After a few years of no one winning, they graduated off with the

sanjuro on May 19, 2014 | parent | next [–]

As I said, I've been doing this for 10 months at great risk to my
mental health. If this was only a scam, I would be an idiot, as there
are far easier ways to make money at a lower risk.

The point of this update is mainly to allow people to get their money
back. The old design did not allow for this and could easily allude to
the scenario you're reminded of. Now it's hardly a lottery at all,
except that the prediction mechanism reminds one of it. It's

krapp on May 19, 2014 | parent | prev [–]

Would a "new direction" for an assassination market be one that
actually worked as advertised?

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