Cryptocurrency: Why Govts, World Bank, IMF, Fed, ECB all Trash Bitcoin

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Fri Sep 23 20:31:18 PDT 2022

The Real Reason Why Governments, the World Bank, the IMF,
the Fed, or the ECB Falsely Denigrate Bitcoin.
Fight against terrorism? Arms or drug sales? Climate change?
The reason is quite different!

by Sylvain Saurel

The Separation of Money And State - brand new Bitcoin art!

Have you ever wondered why the World Bank, the IMF, or any other major
institution keeps falsely denigrating Bitcoin? When governments or
central bankers denigrate Bitcoin, you hear the same old story over
and over again.

These powerful people in the current system will tell you that Bitcoin
is a scam used by some to defraud poor innocent people. They will tell
you that Bitcoin is being used massively on the Dark Web for illegal
activities. They will even go so far as to say that Bitcoin
facilitates the financing of terrorism and the resale of weapons and

Others will try to appeal to the ecological fiber that is increasingly
awakening among the general public by saying that Bitcoin is an
ecological disaster that endangers the future of humanity.

These same politicians will then vote for the extension of coal-fired
power plants in their countries ... If these powerful people cared
about humanity, they would act differently in all areas. In reality,
they only think about their interests. And that means saving the
current system at all costs.

It doesn't bother them in the least that the current system is unfair
and hurts a majority of people.

If the politicians wanted to stop all these illegal activities, they
would ban the US dollar then... Then they would attack the banking
system that has facilitated money laundering for decades while
participating in the financing of terrorism in one way or another.

The reason why the powerful in the current system denigrate Bitcoin is
simple: Bitcoin challenges an order that has been in place for
centuries regarding money creation. They want to keep the power of
money creation at all costs. But Bitcoin is there to take the power of
money creation out of the hands of the states and give it back to the

It is therefore eminently political and strategic reasons that
motivate governments, the World Bank, the IMF, the Fed, or the ECB
when denigrating Bitcoin.

The reason is that the very foundations of Bitcoin are embedded in its
source code and cannot be manipulated by arbitrary decisions. It is
impossible to arbitrarily change the maximum supply of BTC. They
cannot arbitrarily change the monetary policy of Bitcoin.

With Bitcoin, governments and central bankers can no longer manipulate
the system. Bitcoin is truly the separation of money from the hands of
the state. And that's what scares the powerful in the current system.
They are afraid of a system that gives power back to the people and
gives everyone the same opportunities!

So don't be surprised to see these powerful people (falsely) denigrate
Bitcoin on every possible subject. Ecology, money laundering, scams,
criminal use of Bitcoin, ...

All clichés are used to scare the general public. The reason is that
these powerful people want to avoid it at all costs so that the
general public can think for themselves and finally understand that
Bitcoin is our way out of a flawed and not fixable system.

A system that is fairer to the many and has the potential to change
the world of the future for the better.

If you dig into the subject of Bitcoin, you will find that terrorists
or arms dealers have no interest in using Bitcoin for their
activities. Why not? Because the Bitcoin blockchain is an open,
decentralized ledger. Authorities can easily trace all transactions
that take place on the Bitcoin network.

This is why the current system with the US dollar is still preferred
by those who want to act illegally. The US dollar, not Bitcoin.

With Bitcoin, you have a revolutionary system accessible to everyone.
A secure, transparent, traceable, decentralized system that allows us
to improve all of our interactions without having to resort to third
parties who take their share of the pie in the process.

Bitcoin mining is an industry spread across the globe that supports
the development of renewable energy. Bitcoin is a force for good in
the fight against climate change. It guarantees all humans basic

Rather than unnecessarily fighting Bitcoin, states should seize this
opportunity to improve the world of tomorrow for the many. Of course,
to do this, they will have to agree to give power back to the people
in a system that they cannot manipulate for their profit.

Something extremely difficult, but by supporting the peaceful Bitcoin
revolution, you will be presenting these powerful people with a fait

On your side, you have to make the only choice you can: think for
yourself! Don't let others tell you what to think about Bitcoin. Take
charge of your life and do your research on Bitcoin, money, and the

Everyone who has dared to think for themselves and dig deep into the
Bitcoin issue has eventually become a Bitcoiner. Except for Nassim
Nicholas Taleb who finally decided to become an opponent of Bitcoin
after being a Bitcoiner as early as 2017. One would think he would
respond to political pressure ...

With this troubling exception, everyone who takes the time to
carefully study Bitcoin and the current system eventually opens their
eyes and embraces the Bitcoin revolution.

This is no accident. It's up to you as always!

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Writes crazyjoecus’s Newsletter 16 hr ago Liked by Sylvain Saurel

Sylvain, you have quite plainly nailed the exact root cause of all the
disinformation being foisted on an unthinking public. Until the public
learns to think for themselves the devastation of the current monetary
system will continue to impoverish the masses. I haven't much hope
that people will unplug the great propaganda machine by deciding
instead to read the classics. By freeing their minds from the raw
sewage that is propaganda free thought and diversity of ideas will be
naturally activated. What is at stake is more than Bitcoin but our
humanity. Jesus was correct to describe us as sheep. The time is right
to overthrow our shepherds.

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