Alex Jones needs killing ( My 200 sats )

professor rat pro2rat at
Fri Sep 23 04:03:51 PDT 2022

Crypto writ large is making great strides overall in the areas like the social-security side of global governance.

However, like the UN, its flailing and failing on the defense security side. 
Clearly crypto-currencies without APster can never deliver crypto-anarchy.
Many may well look askance at a movement that can't remove its own anti-social criminals - the likes of Julian Assmange, Ross Ulbricht and Alex Jones. 
" They can't protect themselves let alone anyone else!? "
Sadly that remains the case.
But all that said, things still happen fast these days. Its safe to say APster virality will arrive this decade.
Hopefully for mine before *CYPHERPUNK 2027*

Bring on the global revolution.

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