Freedom of Speech: Islam Goes Apeshit over Charlie Hebdo Muhammad Cartoons Repub, Quran Eating, and Successful Critical Analysis

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> Two LGBT+ Women Sentenced to Death in Iran

The Internet Reports: Islam is fucked up, apparently...
This is what IslamGov does to you...
Murdered by Islam
Burn baby burn!
Islamist Mohammed "Mimi" Hijab's hate speech in #Leicester inciting
violence against Hindus. Islamist mob cheer with screams of "Allah Hu
Akbar". From London to Leicester, Hijab openly spews hate&violence.
Why is he still on our streets? @metpoliceuk @PoliceChiefs
A shocking video of the beating of protesting men and women
and direct shooting at the demonstrators depicts the depth of
violence and brutality of the #Iranian regime's repressive forces.
#Mahsa_Amini #مهسا_امینی
If you don't want Religious Dictatorship, you have to leave
your religion and expose and protest against it until it dies.

There is no choice under Sharia Law Caliphate, you are either
policed, or subhuman shut the fuck up and policed, or killed..


They're all apologist fools for Islam, that's why.

Christian schoolgirl in Africa asked...
"Who is Muhammad?"
... she was dragged out, stoned, and burnt to death for it.
ايران اينترنشنال
یکی از پزشکان مهسا امینی به ایران اینترنشنال گفت: متخصص‌های رادیولوژی،
نورولوژی، نوروسرجری و طب اورژانس تهدید شده‌اند اگر کوچکترین نظر علمی
درمورد سی‌تی‌اسکن مهسا بدهند، پروانه طبابت آنها باطل می‌شود و حتی برخی
از آنها در این مورد تهدید جانی شده‌اند
ReligiGov did this

Iranian Muslim Women chant Blasphemy and Apostasy, burn Hijabs...

"Death to Islam. Death to Mullahs. Death to Ayatollah."

At Least 7 Dead In Iran As Anti-Hijab Protests Grow

A fifth day of protests in Iran have resulted in multiple deaths amid
a security crackdown, following the death last week of Mahsa Amini, a
22-year-old from Iranian Kurdistan who reportedly died due to being
roughed up by police for "unsuitable attire" - or not conforming to
Islamic Republic standards of a hijab.

Iranian officials say seven people have died since protests erupted
Saturday, following Amini's funeral, where women began removing their
headscarves in protest, sometimes burning them in public displays of
defiance. Demonstrators have decried instances of what they say is
'live fire' tactics and deadly forced used by police to disperse the
protests, which have now spread across several provinces.
New Arab/Getty Images: Mahsa Amini was reportedly bludgeoned
repeatedly against a wall after she was detained for showing too much

At least one of the dead has been reported as a security member,
coming also amid hundreds of arrests. "Crowds cheered when women
burned their hijabs on a bonfire in Sari on Tuesday, the fifth
successive day of unrest," BBC has reported of scenes coming from the
country Tuesday. "Activists said a woman was among three protesters
shot dead by security forces in Urmia, Piranshahr and Kermanshah."

Dozens of videos showing fierce anti-hijab protests, as well as chants
against the country's 'morality police' have been circulating widely
on the internet.

According to a description of some of the viral protest videos
reviewed by The New York Times:

    Protesters have been calling for an end to the Islamic Republic,
chanting things like “Mullahs get lost,” “We don’t want an Islamic
republic,” and “Death to the supreme leader.” Women have also burned
hijabs in protest against the law, which requires all women above the
age of puberty to wear a head covering and loose clothing.

    The scenes in Iran are astonishing. How far will these protests go?
    — Frida Ghitis (@FridaGhitis) September 20, 2022

Tehran has responded Tuesday by throttling internet speeds and also
outright blocking social media sites, including Instagram.

"For security reasons, the relevant authorities may impose certain
restrictions on internet speed," Iran's Information Ministry announced
in a fresh statement.

    ⚠️ #Iran is now subject to the most severe internet restrictions
since the November 2019 massacre.

    ▶️ Mobile networks largely shut down (MCI, Rightel, Irancell - partial)
    ▶️ Regional disruptions observed during protests
    ▶️ Instagram, WhatsApp restricted
    — NetBlocks (@netblocks) September 21, 2022

Meanwhile, the circumstances surrounding Amini's death have been
contested, with authorities painting a narrative of a girl brought
into custody who then suffered a heart attack:

    There were reports that police beat Ms Amini's head with a baton
and banged her head against one of their vehicles, Acting UN High
Commissioner for Human Rights Nada al-Nashif said.

    The police have denied that she was mistreated and said she
suffered "sudden heart failure". But her family has said she was fit
and healthy.

Authorities days ago even released a video which purports to show a
young woman collapsing - though it remains impossible to verify the
identity of the person in the clip or context...

    For good measure I’m also tweeting the video that Iranian state TV
has published. They say the woman had a heart attack and was not
beaten. There’s no doubt western agencies and media want to portray
Iran in the worst light possible. Keep that in mind.
    — Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) September 19, 2022

In his UN General Assembly address Wednesday, at a moment his
government is facing international criticism including by Biden
himself at the assembly meeting, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi
decried the West's 'double standard', saying "human rights belong to
all but unfortunately this is trampled upon by many governments," and
cited the example of "the native tribes of Canada, whose bodies of
hundreds of their children were discovered in mass graves in a

The Iranian leader claimed further before the assembly, "We are
defenders of a fight against injustice in all of its forms, against
humanity, against spirituality, against the almighty, against the
people of the world, no matter where it may occur."

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