USA 2024 Elections Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Sep 22 00:46:01 PDT 2022

> The races have begun...

Max Igan: Hey Jacinda, and all the rest of you pols... Fuck Off and Die...

David Barrett's Woke Reparations, LOL...

Hello, World... are you prepared?

US Democrats are as fucked up as Joe Biden and the
rest of his incompetent admin are...

And they and their DemSocComLeftProgs Fake News Media
BigTech Money Influence Disrupt Agit Prop Foreign etc have
all been busy destroying the US even faster than all govts
destroy all things worldwide.

Two masked frauds, plotting their control over you...
Immigration: Your streets will look like this soon.
The Forbes Women’s Summit invited this person to speak.
This is what @Forbes thinks of women.
Iran Erupts

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