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Sat Sep 17 01:06:57 PDT 2022

> Massachusetts Gov. Activates National Guard,
> Sends Martha's Vineyard Illegal Immigrants To Military Base

Martha's Vineyard - Democrats Exposed
"Martha's Vineyard Official Poster - All Are Welcome Here!"
For hundreds of years, Martha’s Vineyard has suffered from the
soul-crushing effects of its own whiteness. Island residents
understood there was only one cure. They badly needed diversity.
Relief finally arrived from an unlikely source yesterday: Ron
Notice they didn't start asking the doj to investigate when it was TX
& AZ sending them...but Ron, well he is a real threat and now it will
be the full force of the federal government to stop potentially the
next president.... B/C he had the nerve to do what they've been doing
Gavin Newsom @GavinNewsom
What @GovRonDeSantis and @GregAbbott_TX are doing isn’t clever, it’s
cruel. I’m formally requesting the DOJ begin an immediate
investigation into these inhumane efforts to use kids as political
King Royce Lopez II @hippojuicefilm
They just don't have the room! Why didn't @Airbnb pay for these
properties in Martha's Vineyard. 50 immigrants and 57 homes available.
You have 7 homes to spare.
@NBCNews deleted this tweet comparing illegal migrants to trash
This person is reportedly a teacher in @HaltonDSB
Quick update on this I am talking to a current student of this school
and they say the teachers name is Stephen Hannah "He used to be a
normal guy last year... he’s been teaching there for a long time" The
student wants to remain anonymous as to not be reprimanded. The
student went on to say "I myself am bisexual and I totally support
transgender people but this is crossing a line especially in a
King Royce Lopez II @hippojuicefilm
I don't remember my shop teacher looking like this
Inexperienced technique, apparently teaching not using eye and ear pro too.
Yesterday, WPATH published their newest “Standard of Care” for
“Transgender and Gender Diverse People.” They issued a correction on
the same day. What was corrected? Without justification, it was
“corrected” to remove all age restrictions for receiving
“gender-affirming care.”
Matt Walsh @MattWalshBlog
(Thread) The World Professional Association for Transgender Health
(WPATH) is an radical leftist group originally founded by a quack
"social psychologist" who worked with John Money, the guy who
performed sexual experiments on children which caused two of them to
kill themselves
Chicago Public Schools put out this training material for teachers.
They claim there are students in Pre-K who are transgender and
educators should work to “expand childrens’ understanding of gender”

Robby Starbuck @robbystarbuck
Camp Road Middle School in Charleston, South Carolina @CCSDConnects
gave this @Scholastic handout to 7th grade students. 7th graders are
around 11 years old. It encourages chest binding, sex change hormones
and searching social media for sexual identity + trans content.

Portland Art Festival is having an event that’s free for black people
to attend. All others are charged $80 for a ticket

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