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> FBI Corrupt, Engages in more Democrat Political Oppressing Witch Hunts
> "I Got Bad News For You": Mike Lindell Speaks Out After FBI Seizes Phone

"We are suing the United States government and the FBI,"
Lindell announced on War Room on Thursday.

Mike Lindell to sue Biden administration, FBI over seizure of phone

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell announced during an appearance on Steve
Bannon's War Room that he has assembled a team of lawyers and will be
suing the United States government after his phone was seized by the
FBI this week.

Lindell said he had amassed a team of "Some of the best lawyers in the
country," including Alan Dershowitz, Andrew Parker, Kurt Olson
"amongst others."

"We are suing the United States government and the FBI. This isn't
just to get the phone back, this is my First, Fourth, and Fifth
Amendment rights were broken... We aren't going to put up with this,
we aren't going to be the Gestapo like in Nazi Germany. We're being
proactive," Lindell told Bannon.

"I was on the phone with these attorneys, I said 'no, I want to sue.'
... We have all the lawyers on the phone, they looked at all these
statutes, we are going to go to places that no man has gone before.
This will set a precedent. This has to stop," he continued.

Lindell revealed on Tuesday that his phone had been seized by the FBI.
FBI officers trapped his vehicle in a fast food drive-thru and told
him that they had a warrant for his cell phone, and would be
confiscating it, to which Lindell replied that he needed it to "run
five companies" as he doesn't have a computer. Lindell also needs his
phone to adjust his hearing aids.

"Nobody gets to bash peoples' door down and you get forty seconds to
answer your door. Nobody gets to corner and take a phone away of a
private citizen, their company's phone, and their hearing aids and
everything else. Everything I had was in that phone, all my
businesses," he said.

"This has got to stop, Steve, and we're going to do it," he said.

Bannon told Lindell that he was proud of him for his actions, and told
him that the FBI of their childhood no longer exists.

"Mike Lindell is on offense," said Bannon. "He's not going to sit
there, because they're coming for you. Lindell, tell me one more time,
you got Dershowitz, what are you doing specifically about the FBI and
these kick-down-the-door raids?"

"We had all the lawyers for over two hours, and they might even still
be on the phone, I said 'I want this done now.' ... All the lawyers
were in agreement, we are going to set a precedent," Lindell

Documents posted by Lindell reveal the purported reasoning, with a
page titled "Items to be seized" reading that "the physical cellular
telephone assigned call number [redacted] "LINDELL CELLPHONE" and "All
records and information on the LINDELL CELLPHONE that constitute
fruits, evidence, or instrumentalities of ... identity theft..." as
well as "intentional damage to a protected computer" and/or
"conspiracy to commit identity theft and/or to cause intentional
damage to a protected computer."

Last year, legal representatives of Dominion Voting Systems sent
Lindell a letter warning him of litigation for spreading claims of
election fraud.

Lindell described Dominion Voting Systems' machines as "the biggest
fraud" and has asserted that Dominion was involved in stealing "3
million votes or more nationwide." No evidence has thus far been
provided to support such claims.

A letter in reference to the Grand Jury Subpoena from the US
Department of Justice reads that "an official criminal investigation
of a felony is being conducted by an agency of the United States and a
Federal Grand Jury in the District of Colorado. As a subpoena
recipient, you are not under an obligation of secrecy," the letter
essentially asking that the letter not be disclosed.

"However," it continues, "we request that you not disclose the
existence of this subpoena for an indefinite period of time. Although
the law does not require non-disclosure unless a court order is
issued, we believe that the impact of any disclosure could be
detrimental to the investigation."

This comes as the DOJ has issued subpoenas to more than 40 Trump
supporters in an effort to try to show that they attempted to stage a
coup to keep Trump in office after his 2020 election loss. Trump left
office peacefully, just as has every other president before him.

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