Cryptocurrency: ETH and Regulation - Week in News

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Fri Sep 16 19:48:20 PDT 2022

Ethereums The Merge is finally live!

Its quite fascinating that we had people buy BTC at $69k and sell it
at $19k all in just one year.

Justin Turdeau attacks Prime Ministerial candidate Pierre Poilievre
for supporting Bitcoin: Telling people they can opt out of inflation
is not responsible leadership

My 2 year old daughter is finally part of the 21 million club. I did
it for her future not mine.

Dogecoin Creator: It Annoyed Me When Musk Promoted Meme Currency

Bitcoin Mining powered by used cooking oil

The Merge Is Killing Nvidia GPU Prices

Ethereums 99.95 % drop in energy usage will be equal to 15 big nuclear
reactors, or 11 000 wind turbines

Heres what mining BTC with a pencil and paper looks like

Ethereum cryptocurrency completes move to cut CO2 output by 99%

Vitalik Buterin Says Ethereum Merge Cut Global Energy Usage by 0.2%

Bitcoin tops $22,000, hitting highest in nearly a month ahead of
inflation data and The Merge

Google adds Ethereum Merge countdown clock as searches reach all-time high

I started accepting Moons at my business as a payment method.

King Charles on Bitcoin: Very interesting development

Brace yourselves for the upcoming campaign against bitcoin

As a Bitcoiner, sometimes it is difficult to focus on the right thing
in period of financial turmoil.

The Merge is now live on the Ethereum mainnet! One small step for the
validator, one giant leap for mankind

The car does not match the plates one bit.

Dogecoin Becomes Second Largest Proof Of Work (PoW) Crypto

I feel bad for canadians they will be the next country to have the
exits sealed off.

Beer paid for by random twitter user after tweeting QR code for the
invoice. Magic internet money!

Biden White House just put out a framework on regulating crypto

Cryptos market cap drops below $1 trillion after disappointing inflation data

Arrest warrant issued for Lunatic crypto baron behind this years $40
billion crash

52% of total ETH staked by 3 entities

Michael Saylor Publishes Open Letter Discussing the Sheer Volume of
Misinformation Tied to Bitcoin

Bitcoin Island is over 100 businesses now

President of Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis on CBDC: What problem
is this solving? I can see why China would do it

Environmentalist are attacking BTC and other PoW coins, SEC is
grinding PoS coins since the Merge. Is Any Coin Left?

White House just released framework for cryptocurrency regulation.

Over $320,000,000 in Bitcoin and Crypto Liquidated in Just 24 Hours,
With Ethereum the Most Impacted

Dive Bar in Detroit Suburbs

Gamers want fun, not a grind fest for tokens Animoca subsidiary

Poll: How long have you been investing in crypto?

KPMG digital forensics team conclude Craig Wright falsified documents

It looks like Ethereum is now deflationary as the burn rate is at
least 5% higher than the reward

The Hands #31 sold for $1400 today - how do you see the future of
reddit avatars?

Oh thats so Cool First time Bitcoin Cash user shares her excitement at
the speed of a BCH transaction!

Ukrainian Supermarket Chain to Accept Cryptocurrencies Through Binance Pay

Summary of the Whitehouse Fact Sheet on Digital Assets

Bitcoin ATM in a mall in Madrid

Are we about to have our final capitulation moment to mark the bottom?
Yes, *IF* crypto history repeats itself

Popular Crypto Exchange Expands To Denmark To Boost User Base Across Europe

Coinbase increased the ETH staking yield to 3.77% APY post-Merge. I
think it will go much higher in the coming weeks and months going

Ethereum block times: before and after The Merge

Powering down last ETH mining rig the only proper way. With Bagpipes.

Craig Wright Tells Court He Stomped on the Hard Drive Containing
Satoshi Wallet Keys

Changing to proof of stake saved 0 energy, miners just moved to another coin.

Does anyone else kind of enjoy the ETH vs. BTC war going on right now?

Vitalik Buterin explains why he transitioned Ethereum to Proof of
Stake (9/15/22)

Why is this Bear Market different? Well, in the last one we were
declared dead and in this one we are being widely adopted! Dont worry
I made a list to back this up!

ATH hashrate but where are the miners? Everywhere!

Watch ETH burn in realtime! The next few months will be interesting

Someone Just Minted an NFT of Ethereums Last Proof-of-Work Block

Only 2 addresses control 46% of all Ethereums PoS nodes for processing
transactions post-Merge

Michael Saylor: The clear theoretical cut off, I think, is 4 years. If
you want a safe, a really safe, cut off, look at the 4-year moving
average of Bitcoin. If you have money that you can afford to put away
and hold for more than 4 years, you would be foolish to store it in a

Yesterday, you could earn $1.50 in profit each day with a 3080. Today,
you can only earn -$0.19 in profit each day (at median US electricity

Vitalik Buterin’s philosophical essays: theyre not good

Coinbase Now Lets Users Check Which Politicians Are Crypto-Friendly

We are gathered here today to bid farewell to wen merge memes.

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