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Democrats freak out when their own policies and political attacks
hit them in their own home turf, now yet another Democrat Mayor
cries and taps out...

New York City 'Nearing Its Breaking Point' With Influx Of Illegal
Immigrants From Texas: Mayor

New York City’s shelter system is close to being overwhelmed by the
continued influx of illegal immigrants from Texas, the city’s mayor
said on Sept. 14.

“In this new and unforeseen reality, where we expect thousands more to
arrive every week going forward, the city’s system is nearing its
breaking point,” Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, said in a statement.

New York has recorded over 11,000 illegal immigrants entering its
shelter system in the past several months, with others going into the
homes of family members or friends. A number have come from Texas,
which started bussing asylum seekers who were released by federal
authorities to Democrat-run “sanctuary cities” earlier this year.

U.S. authorities tell the illegal immigrants to go to court at a later
date for the asylum claims to be adjudicated. Most claims are denied
and many immigrants don’t show up at court. Authorities rarely deport
illegal immigrants, especially under Biden.

New York has a law that mandates state and local authorities provide
shelter to “the needy.” That means “every asylum seeker that comes to
New York will have shelter,” Adams told reporters in a briefing on

But officials say they are “reassessing” the city’s practices in
following the law because when it was put into place, officials could
not “have foreseen” the current situation, a city lawyer told

Those practices include communications and operational methods.

Adams called Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and other governors who
have followed his lead in bussing illegal immigrants to cities “rogue
governors” and said officials are trying to figure out various ways to
respond to the governors, including legally.

New York is receiving four to six busses per day, according to Manuel
Castro, the city’s commissioner of immigrant affairs.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has also ordered busses to cities while
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis just had authorities fly illegal immigrants
to Massachusetts.

“The Republican party has created a blueprint that all of them are
starting to follow,” Adams said.

A spokesperson for Abbott did not respond to a request for comment.

He and other governors have said they’re transporting the immigrants
to try to force President Joe Biden, a Democrat, to step up
enforcement at the U.S.–Mexico border.

Biden’s administration has rejected calls for help from Washington
Mayor Muriel Bowser and hasn’t appeared to offer assistance to New
York or Chicago.

Adams was speaking Thursday at a space described as a “resource
navigation center” for the illegal immigrants. The centers are
enabling access to legal services, school enrollment, and healthcare.

“‘We’ll continue to welcome asylum seekers with open arms and provide
them the resources they need,” Adams said.

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