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Twilio's seemingly racist CEO Lawson follows after another
seemingly racist CEO Barrett... an "equal mix" is statistically
racist. Boycott divest and refuse to work for woke types.

Woke Twilio CEO Conducts "Anti-Racist" Mass Layoff

Yesterday saw San Francisco-based tech firm Twilio join the growing
ranks of companies that are laying off employees as post-pandemic
growth reality falls short of pandemic-pumping hype.

Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson announced plans to cut around 11% of the
company's workforce, after admitting that the company had grown too

    "Twilio has grown at an astonishing rate over the past couple
years. It was too fast, and without enough focus on our most important
company priorities. I take responsibility for those decisions, as well
as the difficult decision to do this layoff."

But this announcement was different.

For the first time we can remember, the CEO appeared to make the case
that race was involved in the decision-making process around who lost
their jobs...

    "Layoffs like this can have a more pronounced impact on
marginalized communities," Lawson wrote in a memo to employees.

    "So we were particularly focused on ensuring our layoffs ā€“ while a
business necessity today ā€“ were carried out through an
Anti-Racist/Anti-Oppression lens."

Forgive us for our obvious bias, but doesn't that statement infer that
if they hadn't considered race then the layoffs would have been

Of course, the liberal media rose up as one to defend Lawson's
comments. Fortune reports, that two sources at Twilio told them the
anti-racist effort was not controversial inside the company.

    "No one at Twilio has made any mention of it," one of the sources said.

    "Being an anti racist company is part of our core values."

    The employees dismissed claims of "race-based" job cuts.

    "Iā€™m sure right wingers think this means firing only white
people," one of the employees said, noting that it appeared
anecdotally that the laid off employees were "an equal mix" of women,
men, and underrepresented minorities.

Well how do they explain his comments then... since Lawson did not
provide any details about how the company would ensure that the
layoffs did not cut deeper into certain groups of its 7,800 worldwide

Are we really at that point?

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