USA 2024 Elections Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat Sep 10 10:41:15 PDT 2022

> Biden-Dems dual system of political persecution.
> FBI unleashes over 35 new raids and claims against
> republicans in attempt to suppress their political organizing
> ahead of 2022 Elections. Harmeet Dhillon
A1W: This is tyranny.
Harmeet K. Dhillon @pnjaban
DOJ's "Capitol Seige Section" has been busy these last few days:
someone told a Politico reporter that 50 or so search warrants and
grand jury subpoenas were being issued to Trump allies - before it
happened. Clients, already being harassed by House J6 Committee
investigators were served w/extremely broad subpoenas, or warrant
for phone/device. Our clients @america1stwomen are among those
targeted for their peaceful, First-Amendment-protected, speech about
2020 election. These bullying tactics are designed to target &
intimidate Trump supporters.

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