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Racine County Judge Gags Election Fraud Whistleblower Harry Wait at
First Hearing in State’s Prosecution against Popular Activist
By Jeremy Segal
Published September 9, 2022 at 12:25pm

Harry Wait, a Wisconsin resident concerned about the integrity of
elections conducted a citizen sting operation to expose security
vulnerabilities in the state’s absentee ballot system that could lead
to widespread election fraud.

Wait is now being prosecuted himself for two counts of Election Fraud
and Unauthorized Use of an Individual’s Personal Identifying
Information for his actions.

Wait ordered eight ballots in names which he had permission from and
one in the name of Robin Vos, Speaker of the Wisconsin General
Assembly, and another in the name of Racine Mayor, Corey Mason,
through the state’s website. Wait, did in fact, receive
some of the requested ballots in the mail at his home.

Wait then provided all the evidence, including the evidence necessary
for the state to charge him with voter fraud and offered to turn
himself in to the Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling.

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Schmaling declined to press charges and instead called on the
Wisconsin Election Commission to remedy the obvious flaw in their

The Journal Sentinel writes:

    In response to the crimes by Wait and others, Schmaling called on
state elections commissioners — whom he has previously recommended
criminal charges against for voting rules they recommended for nursing
home residents during the coronavirus pandemic — to take down a
feature on the commission’s website to help voters request absentee

    Schmaling characterized the plot as “complainants who have
reported apparent vulnerabilities” on the website.

    He said one person who had come forward had “tested this
vulnerability and had a second party request their ballot and had that
ballot sent to the second party’s address.”

    “The second party was successful in obtaining the first party’s
ballot,” he wrote in the statement.

    He said another person requested ballots for “prominent government
officials” and others around the state.

However, the state did not approve of nor thank Wait for his efforts
to ensure elections in Wisconsin would be free from risk of fraudulent
ballots being cast.  Instead they chose to fully prosecute Wait.

Wait appeared before Judge Robert Repischak (appointed by Former
Governor Scott Walker) on Thursday in a Racine County Courtroom packed
with supporters, where he was issued a $2500 I-Bond.

Judge Repischak initially placed protective orders preventing Wait
from speaking to or about the people he had ordered ballots for.
However once the hearing was concluded and  the judge noticed Wait
answer questions with the press, he fully gagged Wait, barring him
from speaking about details of the case at all.

    Here’s the moment that led up to the gag order.
    Judge: “I’m not going to have you litigate this case to the media.”
    Wait: “Sir, I am not litigating this case in the media… I’m
objecting that’s against my first amazement right.”

    — Emilee Fannon (@Emilee_Fannon) September 8, 2022

Wait told The Gateway Pundit “I feel he [the judge] has overstepped
his authority, we still live in America and I still have my first
amendment rights.” Wait said, he is not unhappy about the gag order,
and that “history favors the prepared,” but also that “it is very hard
for me to not about something when I have a first amendment right to
talk about it.”

Gag orders have been legitimized by courts to prevent tainting jury
pools, however, in many cases the accused are the only ones barred
from speaking publicly about details in their case. Evidently the
courts do not maintain the same fears when the accusers or anyone else
in the media exercise their first amendment rights against the

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