Cryptocurrency: Chia Waste, News, Cryptos Merge Global ZFS

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Sep 8 22:53:55 PDT 2022

> Up 10$ since June and bound to break ATH sooner rather than later - BTFD!
> Founded by Bram Cohen, the inventor of the BitTorrent network, Chia Network is building a better blockchain and smart transaction platform which is more decentralized, more efficient, and more secure. Tech services reaching adoption

Prince Philip of Serbia and Yugoslavia Joins Bitcoin Startup JAN3 as
CSO. Prince Philip of Serbia: "We need hard money immune to inflation,
and Bitcoin is the solution"
After another washout and Cuban going limp,
BTC pops a green dildo... up 12% (3.2%/h $625/h)
in potential pump trap for weekend dump,
bid accordingly.

Gensler throws BTC to JPM's futures manipulators.

Maxi Pomp gets scared and whitewashes his profile,
skeevy Mow etc expected to follow.

ZKP's advancing and rolling out everywhere as prophesized.

Coinbase employees and Ethereum backers sue U.S. Treasury
over wrongful Tornado Cash sanctions

XRP trash and ETH premine set to pop in Sept.

FED's steal $30M from DPRK.

Chia still wastes a lot of space, but what if
the space was filled with useful data...

Any of the hash based filesystems such as ZFS might
perhaps be hacked into doing consensus over their
uberblocks, content and addressible hashes, crypto
addressed leaf mountpoints, etc thus resulting in the
planet's biggest distributed encrypted filesystem ever.

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