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Democrat frauds and 1984 indoctrination camps...

Kansas School District Pays $95K Settlement After Suspending Teacher
For Not Using Preferred Pronouns

A Kansas school district has agreed to pay a settlement of $95,000 in
a civil lawsuit brought by a teacher who was suspended for refusing to
use the preferred pronouns of a self-declared trans student (a female
demanding to be referred to as “he/him”).

Pamela Ricard, a math teacher at Fort Riley Middle School, says she
was pressured by school officials to placate a trans student in her
class by using preferred pronouns.  When Ricard asked for a religious
exemption to the rule she was allegedly denied.  Ricard also claimed
that the school district forced teachers to lie to parents about
students and their trans status, and even asked teachers to not use
student trans names during parent/teacher conferences in order to
avoid revealing any sensitive information.

Ricard received a three day suspension after referring to the trans
student as “Miss,” and for using the student's legal enrolled name.
She was warned that any further “misgendering” would lead to more
disciplinary actions.

It is important to note that there are no laws in the state of Kansas
requiring that anyone use transgender pronouns, and that these rules
were being unilaterally enforced by school district officials.  The
Fort Riley School District was cornered into settlement when a federal
court ruled in May that Pamela Ricard had a religious right to refuse
censorship and to refuse to submit to pronoun requirements.  They also
ruled that teachers cannot be pressured to keep secrets from the
parents of trans students.

The Kansas incident is only one of thousands of exposed events that
prove the existence of a concerted widespread social justice agenda
within the American school system.  Though the political left has
consistently claimed that such an agenda does not exist and that
parent accusations are nothing more than “conspiracy theory,” the
evidence is undeniable.

The exposure of transgender indoctrination and policy enforcement in
schools led to a national firestorm over Florida's anti-grooming bill,
which leftists called the “Don't Say Gay Bill.”  The bill, now passed
into law, prevents teachers from engaging in sexualized discussions or
sexualized propaganda lessons with young children, and also demands
that teachers share their lesson plans with parents.  Teachers that
violate the law can be fired.

Multiple states across the country have had to formulate similar
pieces of legislation as a means to stop intersectional ideology from
being injected into school curriculum.  Florida alone found that at
least 44% of school textbooks the state reviewed contained multiple
instances of social justice propaganda including Critical Race Theory
propaganda.  Interestingly, the majority of the propaganda was
discovered in books for children K-5.

Desantis provided multiple examples of leftist and CRT propaganda
implanted in school texts, but to this day leftists claim no examples
were given and that CRT is “not real.”

Twitter group 'Libs Of TikTok' famously showcased hundreds of video,
made mostly by teachers, in which they openly admit to indoctrinating
students with LGBT and CRT propaganda in their classrooms.  The group
has faced multiple suspensions from various social media platforms,
and has been accused of “hateful conduct” simply for reposting the
videos to their own account.

The trans movement is a movement to control and to dictate speech
while pretending it is a movement for civil rights.  No one has a
right to compel another person by force or coercion to use their
preferred pronouns.  The entire situation can be bewildering because
of the multiple tentacles the extreme left employs in their culture
war, but there are some rules that can help to clear the fog and

The first rule which makes it possible to understand and predict the
actions of the social justice left:  They ALWAYS lie.

The second rule is:  They always double down on the lies.

The third rule is:  They always gaslight when they are caught lying.

The fourth rule is:  Believe what you see right in front of your eyes,
not what they say that you should see.

The Kansas settlement for Pamela Ricard reveals yet another piece of
the hidden puzzle that is woke ideology within public schools.  It is
an indoctrination process that has been ongoing for years and only
recently have parents started to notice and become involved.

Interestingly, though, in the case of Fort Riley, it was apparently
school district officials that were threatening teachers in order to
make them comply with the agenda, rather than specific teachers trying
to slip their propaganda under the radar.  This shows that leftist
teachers grooming children is not the only concern – We must also
watch out for School board members and other officials using their
power to frighten non-woke teachers into silence.

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