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Tue Sep 6 19:43:46 PDT 2022

Its 2030
Your house is 99 degrees and you cant put on AC because the governor
declared an emergency
You get into your EV but the screen says it wasn't charging, governor's orders
You decide to go to a park but a cop stops you saying its illegal to
leave your quarantine zone
— Tim Pool (@Timcast) September 1, 2022

Virginia Governor Takes Stand Against Secretive Gender Transition
Programs In Public Schools

"A Dangerous Escalation": Majority Of Americans Think Biden Speech Was
"Designed To Incite Conflict"

A majority of Americans, 56.8% think Biden's declaration of war on
Trump voters was a "dangerous escalation in rhetoric" which was
"designed to incite conflict amongst Americans," according to a new
poll by the Trafalgar group.

Perhaps even more telling is that 71% of Democrats said Biden's speech
- in which he said "MAGA forces" pose a "clear and present danger" to
Democracy - thought it was simply "acceptable campaign messaging that
is to be expected in an election year."

What should worry Democrats is that 62% of independent voters agreed
with 89.1% of Republicans who said the speech was a "dangerous

This, from the president who campaigned on uniting America against hatred.

Conservatives on social media were appalled at the speech.

    I work hard, garden, cook, bake, spin, knit weave and throw pots.
I've been married 33 years and have two grown kids. I've owned
businesses and pay taxes.

    I am a threat to the very soul of this nation.
    — Rani, Last of The Red Hot Boomers (@ShadesOfRani) September 4, 2022
    — Joshua Hamm (@Joshua_R_Hamm) September 2, 2022

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