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Tue Sep 6 19:25:32 PDT 2022

Huh? Biden Screams That He "Beat Pharma This Year"

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

During a Labor Day speech in Milwaukee Monday, Joe Biden screamed that
he “beat pharma this year” despite the fact that he provided billions
in record profits for the pharmaceutical industry by attempting to
enforce vaccine mandates.


    Pres. Biden hails bill putting cap on out-of-pocket prescription
drug costs for Medicare recipients: "We beat Pharma this year! And it
mattered! We're going to change people's lives."
    — ABC News (@ABC) September 5, 2022

Biden repeated the claim at a second speech in Pittsburgh:

    Biden: "I have been fighting pharma for my entire career, my
entire career, and we finally beat pharma!"

    Back in the real world, big pharma have raked in record amounts of
money since he took office off the back of the plandemic.
    — Ioan Haboczki (@haboczki) September 6, 2022

A few violent extremists took issue with Biden’s claim:

    Biden didn't beat Big Pharma; he invited them into the WH
    — mjsb (@mjsb143) September 6, 2022

    Crooked Biden beat Pharma this year by transferring tens of
billions to their packets.
    — A My Burakami (@JohnOrlinski) September 6, 2022

    I’m confused why is Biden super angry yelling here? Also what does
he mean by beat pharma??? What did we beat as I’m sure big pharma has
profited so much from these poison vaccines
    — Coollatiaslatios (@pikachusandile8) September 6, 2022

    Biden: “we beat Pharma this year”

    Apparently another teleprompter mistake. The correct line was “we
helped Pharma beat their earning estimates this year”
    — Dr. Eli David (@DrEliDavid) September 5, 2022

    Oh, you beat pharma, @potus.

    I’m sorry, I meant to say you helped pharma beat record profits!
    — Viva Frei (@thevivafrei) September 5, 2022

    Biden: "We Beat Pharma this year and it Mattered"

    Was that before or after they mandated the Jab, gave them
trillions of dollars, and voted them immunity from prosecution?

    No One has been Beaten, except for US Tax Paying Citizens!!!
    — Chuck Sharp (@Chuck69i) September 6, 2022

    “I have been fighting pharma for my entire career—my entire
career—and we finally beat pharma!” ~ Joe Biden

    FunFact: Donors from pharmaceutical industry contributed $6.3
million to the 2020 campaign of Joe Biden ( this is just the official
    — The Poll Lady (@ThePollLady) September 6, 2022

    It took less than one year for Joe Biden to go from "Pandemic of
the unvaccinated" to "we beat pharma this year"
    — Rising serpent 🇺🇸 (@rising_serpent) September 6, 2022

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