1984: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 19:18:01 PDT 2022

California school district tries new way to retain teachers: Low-cost
apartments on school property

Biden chose a rather interesting look for his speech tonight...
Blood Red Background from the Unity President...

"Impeach" Trends On Twitter After Biden Demonizes Millions Of
Americans In Primetime Speech

This Administration is Desperate for Orchestrating another Jan6 Event.
Expect another False Flag event coming soon.

An Ominous Black and Blood Red, Militaristic background as Biden gave
his most divisive speech yet, labeling almost half of the country/~70
million Americans: 'extremists... threats to democracy'.

The Gaslighting never ends. We are reaching that phase where they were
always champions against all the lockdowns, mandates and rushed

The media suddenly refuses to fact-check the press secretary.

Well 2 people did get arrested for the diary proving it to be real so....

In 1933, Hitler ordered the false flag attack of the Reichstag fire.
This attack gave Hitler the support to mass arrest communists and
suspend civil liberties. With Biden calling MAGA followers the enemy
of the state, could we see a false flag attack out of Hitlers playbook
to cement Democrat power?

Remember in Atlanta when they told poll watchers to leave at 10:30 pm
and return 8am? But then they stayed behind, pulled out cases of
ballots that were hidden under table, and shoved through 225k fake
preprinted ballots for Biden? All on tape (link in SS)? Question that,
Biden says you're terrorist


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