USA 2024 Elections Thread

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Tue Sep 6 18:20:09 PDT 2022

Trump - A Nation In Decline... Make America Great Again Trump: Nation in Decline, MAGA
This video has been censorbanned.

> Trump keeps packing the house while Biden-Dems Rage Spew Hatred...
Which one, America?
Karine Jean-Pierre: "Election deniers are a threat to democracy & are
all insurrectionists" Peter Doocy: "You tweeted in 2016 that Trump
stole the election." KJP: *panic, sweating* " different,
Even this CBS news reporter gets it

CensorBuried: Biden's brain-addled stroke-buddy John Fetterman is a
cardiac wreck...
Kamala literally KACKLES as she cast deciding VOTE to RAISE TAXES and
INFLATION, KILL American JOBS and ARM the IRS with 87K new Agents in a
$1 Trillion spending ORGY during the worst inflation-recession spiral
in a generation. Democrats hate you. Vote accordingly.

The fact that any nation can pass stuff like this with only
a mere 51% of votes needed, is gross evidence of mass dislike
of the legislation, proof of force with no real consensus, and is why
your countries are bogged down in layers of pointless Govt trash
ruling over your life.
Project Veritas exposes David Barrett's discriminatory hiring practices
Desantis ad
Liberal discovers Republicans are actually cool people.

Biden orders that heckler at his campaign speech be let go.
The "extreme" MAGA agenda: - Secure borders. - Fair elections - Energy
independence - Tough on crime - Save babies - Stop genital mutilation
of kids - Put parents first - School choice - Protect constitutional
rights - Put America First. What part sounds extreme to you?

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