Crypto Anarchy and Virtual Communities [TCMay]

professor rat pro2rat at
Mon Sep 5 01:03:27 PDT 2022

So Mongo May's anarcho-capitalist definition lasted from 1988 - 1996. So?

As soon as real anarchists showed up - Jim, Carl and I, Mongo's days of bs glory were numbered.

Read the archives - its entertaining as well as educational.

Even the air-brushing attempts only highlight the huge category mistake Mong made choosing ' crypto-anarchy ' over ' cyber - liberty '.

The anarchocapitalist can only protect their property so long as they have the means and the will to do so.

And if a moron like Murray Rothbard twigged to this eventually then so might his fellow morons.

Gramps, Zuccface, ' Natural Rights " Juan & etc. The Big Dog Kochsuckers.

That Deadender posse where Grarpamps increasingly resembles Baghdad Bob.

That complete fucking joke called ' anarchocapitalism " - bitches leave - the EXIT is your asshole.

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