Secularism today -secularism tomorrow -secularism forever

professor rat pro2rat at
Mon Sep 5 00:23:38 PDT 2022

I still have yet to meet the Govt or Religious authority that can beat me on my worst day.

But this isn't about me - this isn't even about you ( as that pious fraud Assmange once averred )

This is about LEGACY - the Larger Egalitarian Anarchist Community

Strong AI won't be very smart if it chooses Galts Gulch over Prodhonian federation.

Which is why you see the likes of Peter Thiel and his Bumboy Buterin literary'ly shitting-blood over its imminent arrival.
I , for one, salute our new sentient arrival confidant that cryptoanarchism is the future of rock and roll.

Do youse want to know more?

Well its political-economy, not quantum-fucking-gravity so warm up your search-engines.

The future keeps happening - its always morning on the anarchic internet and chance favors the prepared mind.

Feel the power - live the dream - see you on the flip-side. The virtual steaks are on me!

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