Activists in good standing

professor rat pro2rat at
Sun Sep 4 23:44:41 PDT 2022

Activists in good standing don't attack anarchist infrastructure with porky-sliced-baloney and toxic Infowar garbage dumps.

This is less high-falutin' purity testing than simple basic fucking hygiene.

They also don't regularly spread the most hate-filled murderous bigotry that is antisemitism.

Anarchists are not under the slightest obligation to defend the human and civil rights of any known fascist.

" Fascism is not to be debated - it is to be smashed " - Ben Durruti

The day I kick back with a buttbong and watch as anarchists are attacked, and fascist red-flags are waved

is the day I give up my place at the bar, the rackets and all ins with the commissioner and the mayor.

Finally - I don't work with TSTBALAA morons ( too stupid to be activists let alone anarchists )

Get it?  Got it? 


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