My apologies to Professor Rat, although I don't recall what I did years ago.

professor rat pro2rat at
Sun Sep 4 21:39:52 PDT 2022

Dougie Houser scribbled

>>>   But see, everybody knows he doesn't do

anything. Maybe instead of him explaining how relatively minor figures

don't meet his purity tests, he could set some positive goals and

undertake the steps to meet them. <<<

Dumbfuck - If you think antisemitism and Holocaust denial is just my purity test and Jim is some minor figure then I can't help you.

And for the record I think spamming this list ought to rate as a general purity test.

That means minor figures like Gramps and Semich are attackers.

Your mileage clearly varies, Dougie - but then you've got " Masochist ' written all over your sorry eunuchs face.

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