My apologies to Professor Rat, although I don't recall what I did years ago.

professor rat pro2rat at
Sun Sep 4 15:16:14 PDT 2022

>>>  the man who tried to kill you over and over again threatened to kill you.besides, <<<

So I did more than just try to kill Jim Bell more than once but I threatened him as well?

Sounds like I could be a suspect if he keels over like Mama Cass tomorrow. 

Thanks for the heads up.

>>>    this guy claims to be an anarchist ;he's a government Jewish propaganda agent. <<<

Its true I have been paid by the Au govt since the dole was 10$ a week in 1970 and am circumcised  and  - though without informed consent  - you could say I am a consenting Jew  - at least in that department.

And one of the first books I ever bought was ' Portnoys Complaint " - oy vey.

The path of the righteous assassin is beset on all sides with evildoer's and temptations.
Blessed is he who, in the name of anarchy and good will
Shepherds the weak-brained through the valley of darkness
For he is truly his Cluckin' Bell brother's keeper and the finder of lost property
Now listen you crypto-fascist liars and haters, I will strike down 
With great vengeance and furious anger
Those who attempt to poison and destroy my Cluckin' Bell brothers
And you will know my name is abroad
When I lay my vengeance on thee

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