Negative comments about Jim Bell are not required

professor rat pro2rat at
Sat Sep 3 16:15:42 PDT 2022

The record speaks for itself.  Carl Johnson and I took a lot of heat defending Jims AP ideas but received little gratitude or recognition as he used his eventual freedom to cosy up to the Lunatic Right.
Noting these moves - plural now! - is not being ' negative ' towards Jim Bell.
Its recognizing his dangerous political re-alignment and dealing with it rationally.
No personal animus - no private grudge - no ax to grind.

Btw - while Jim was away I had to complain about a site featuring his essay.

Complained to Gary once about Nazi ads on his site - he doesn’t mind them!

If Jim doesn't like his being associated with the Lunar Right by me then he can ask Jeff Berwick to take his YT video interview down.
Like John Young stopped re-publishing Mongo's Manson type RAHOWA crap.
He responded better to complaint than the ' outbreak-of-fascism '  guy.

And Jim is younger than me - maybe once he's reformed - we can condense a decent APster manifesto that can get into anarchist libraries ( like the ' Crypto-anarchist manifesto " somehow managed!
True detente requires glasnost then perestroika - first a pivot - then a reset. 
And enough with the Semich-Nixon-style, non-denial-denials!

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