My apologies to Professor Rat, although I don't recall what I did years ago.

professor rat pro2rat at
Sat Sep 3 07:04:20 PDT 2022

 >>>   Use a little respect and tolerance, which we should all be able to give.  The results, you saw, but at least I tried.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say. No reason to regret the attempt. 
The Cypherpunks list always had a very good reason to exist. And it can still do that, today, as long as we try.  <<<

Wow - its like Karl Semich and the Dread Butt Pirate had a baby. 

 Do you have any faith, sister?

Ripley : Not much.

Dillon : Well, we've got a lot of faith here. Enough even for you.

Ripley : I thought women weren't allowed.

Dillon : Well, we've never had any before. But we tolerate anybody. Even the intolerable.

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