Cypherpunks for open borders

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri Sep 2 22:43:53 PDT 2022

Borders... that flowing and natural transition buffer zone among
peoples all existing under a greater nature that is apparently
disinterested in and incapable of homogenizing them. Tribes
the evolved, and seemingly hardly evolvable from, natural formation.
A line wrongly distorted and violenced by illegitimate politicians
on each side. A zone where more rather than piked heads and guns the
old greeting, flowers might be hung such that all who seek to cross
shall have already adopted the other side as their own and paused
there a moment in personal solitude to affirm their own transition...

Too many politicians, and too many crossers who seek to
and abuse the other side rather than adopt them there.

All ye who pass here, leave your old ways behind, or return
back on the path, back to that which ye still value most.
Therein may lie at least some amount of peace.

Suffice it, humans and most certainly politicians
have never, and will never really solve it. And the worldwide
tension from forced and even gracious attempts at integrating
non-integratables is rising.

Do not discount why top-level depopulation "conspiracies"
may have become observable in recent decades.

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