Its like Statist Lacky and Ted Cruz had a baby

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Fri Sep 2 18:55:57 PDT 2022

Ryan Carboni
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Sat, 3 Sept at 11:13 am
As a long-term reader of Cypherpunks, I hope you do not mind this off-list reply. I find your reply to a tweet about touring a bitcoin facility to be distasteful. It seems to undermine the accomplishments of others. I'm sure bitcoin will switch to a nice sorting algorithm, md2 or some such, it'll sure strike fear into the hearts of capitalists, eh, comrade commissar?

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Ryan J. Carboni

Statist moron number two is referring to this

Since then Statist moron one. STATIST Swine & LACKY is not just noting some rich pig running for office - he’s campaigning for them!

Its like the statist morons are breeding - but its good ADAM BACK outed himself this year!

Fewer cypherpunks - but better ones.

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