FIGHTING out of the blue corner!

professor rat pro2rat at
Fri Sep 2 18:04:47 PDT 2022

Challenging is the Nelson Mandela of crypto-anarchy and pioneer of the Soft-Drill submission tactic with 21 wins and no losses, its PROFESSOR RAT!

>>>  But let's suppose, for a moment, that somebody "pulls a Hughes." Rather than trying to make the hardest bearings in the world, why doesn't somebody try to make the softest? Rather than trying their darndest to stay anonymous, or wait and let somebody else implement this system, why not just "let it all hang out," (as the saying went in the 1960's) and publicly announce that they're implementing this system, come hell or high water, and invite anyone who wants to participate to help form what will be the LAST revolution on earth, the one that'll take down ALL the governments. <<<

Reading on I note Dumbbells reserves a place for a few covert devs to manage the logistics - the germs of well know trap called ' Tyranny of structurelessness ' . Other alarm bells include two entire sections - one from the corpse-media including an incitement against singer, Juice Newton and the other a lengthy digression up Sigmoid Fraud's colon
( Part nine ) 
So the rot set in early when you examine it closely. More indefensible RIGHT LIBERTARIAN gramps-style garbage than defensible sane, lucid and common-sensical anarcho-anarchism - at least stylistically. 
You've heard the rules and should know how to defend yourself at all times - the revolution doesn't require self-destruction.
FIVE ROUNDS to go now before Cypherpunk 2027 - your referee is Green Herb. Let's ROCK!

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