My apologies to Professor Rat, although I don't recall what I did years ago.

professor rat pro2rat at
Fri Sep 2 17:40:28 PDT 2022

Karl Semich confirms much of what I say about Dumb-Bell by siding with him.

Someone so practiced in bad-faith and bullshit recognizes a fellow- obscurantist.

Those sincere in teasing out the issues at stake are invited to chase down my blog posts where I published much of Jim and I's email conversations or I can supply them on any bona fide request.

For money - that's a lot of work - say 2K worth of Btc at present strike.

The rest is in the archives going back to ' abhorrent markets ' of 93 morphing into ' now its legal ' 2003.

TL/DR Left APster Vs Right AP. Choose one. Ross Ulbricht chose . . . poorly.

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