My apologies to Professor Rat, although I don't recall what I did years ago.

Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at
Fri Sep 2 16:51:41 PDT 2022

It looks to me like Professor Rat is participating in undue influence
on Jim Bell here.

I assume this is an ongoing effort to disempower him.

I'm of course, still learning about these things, and am not at all an expert.

> <pro2rat at> wrote:Nothing personal Gym - its business - that's
> all

Unexplained new assumptions are cognitive dissonance that unsettle and
confuse a listener, making them more influenceable.

> And going by your receptions in Prague and Acapulco I might even be doing
> you a favor.
> Some things only your friends will tell you.

Assuming he is a friend after what reads to me like an insult or jibe,
is further cognitive dissonance.

> As for the politics - if the Right don't kill you for being a Left-anarchist
> provocateur ( deviationist )
> the Left will kill you for your Right opportunism - but you claimed you knew
> this going in.

This is common disruption. Jim Bell is not an enemy of either the
right or the left that I am aware of.

> That your last best hope was virality.  Lately all you blabber about is
> Black Box solutions and quantum FUD.

Comments on existing changes to Jim's personality, likely instigated
by similar gang-stalking behavior from years past,

> Have you had your cognition tested lately?

then progress to asking Jim to question his own mind.

> Maybe you're overdue to join dear old Mom and Dad.
> Goodnight - and may your Anarcopulco God go with you.

Ending with asking Jim to imagine valuing his own death, after
confusing him into susceptibility. Harsh.

> On Fri, Sep 2, 2022 at 2:57 PM, professor rat<pro2rat at> wrote:
> "the Left will kill you for your Right opportunism - but you claimed you
> knew this going in."
> Okay, I don't quite remember the conversation, it may have been years.  But

Here Jim is taking the hypnotic disruption literally, a surefire way
to have it influence you. I do this too, unfortunately.

> yes, everything seems to turn into a "political" dispute, especially these
> days.  Every faction has its enthusiastic opponents.
> BTW, my references to quantum have nothing to do with politics:. It is just

He spends time defending honest attempts to express himself. The
conversation is completely turned away from any reasons that Professor
Rat might have for criticizing Jim. Jim is simply responding.

> that for years, we have seen it said that quantum techniques may help break
> RSA.  While that might not happen for a decade or longer, messages generated
> today may be recorded and vulnerable later. ('Venona')
>  So there should be pressure to replace RSA with 'quantum resistant'
> algorithms.  Fortunately, they exist or are being developed.

Everybody who belongs on this list would agree with Jim here, but Jim
is instead surrounded by dissonant expressions that make no sense.

When we take attempts to manipulate us literally, there are two
different conversations going on. One is us with ourselves in response
to the strange things we are exposed to, where we demonstrate our
patterns and knowledge. Another is the other person with our behavior,
where they try to get us to act different ways so as to take power
over us.

The two sides of the conversations are along disparate lines.


It seems it could be nice and kind to make expressions like the above.
I am very confused myself, and I imagine an even better reply could be
made. This is my first!

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