A resounding clash of ideologies

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Fri Sep 2 15:13:40 PDT 2022

You don't have to agree with all the cruft at this site to recognize the problems presented by ' Natural Rights ' anarchists ( Like Juan Garafolo ) 

Freedom without anarchism is nothing but privilege, injustice and scumbag entitlement. 

Take Jeff Berwick - please


I wrote to Mike Huben a few years ago about updating his ' Cypherpunks ' section. He remains confident social-democracy will prevail over anarchism of any sort.

" . . . Freedom Through Technology.
Cypherpunks, high-tech libertarians, and various others mistakenly think technology will eliminate the need for government (if not outright eliminate government.) . .  ."

The idea of the USG operating covertly due to APster is already happening IMHO

" . . . Assassination Politics
Convicted tax evader Jim Bell proposes a system of anonymous ecash awards for the murder of "aggressors", such as IRS agents. See also Crypto-Convict Won't Recant. What he misses is that his system, if tolerated, would merely force government to operate secretly rather than openly. .."

" Merely "

We merely send the USG underground.  Fucking works for me - they will be easier to gas hunkered in a bunker.

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