Reparations for Poland

professor rat pro2rat at
Fri Sep 2 06:40:39 PDT 2022

While I support reparations for US blacks, Poland's case may be different.
They could still be compensated - but in a new way enabled by the latest technology that looks less like righteous-vengeance-hunting ( which should logically include Russia )
Armed with strong AI and ubiquitous quantum-computing those found most liable will be forced to pay. Obvious NAZBOL types will be taxed to death. Large industries broken up - nation-states abolished, etc.
In the brave new crypto-anarchist world, soon to be displayed at Cypherpunk 2027, all wrongs will be redressed - all crimes paid.  To borrow from early Mao I foresee a year where the people will settle all outstanding accounts with local bullies and bad gentry.
This will be a year of living dangerously for all nationalist politicians, Theocrats, Monarchists, Banksters, Warlords and criminal-gang leaders.
It wouldn't be strong AI if it it didn't at least stay neutral and it wouldn't be globalized cryptoanarchism without the ubiquitous bombproof encryption supplied by quantum computing technologies.
At this stage of climate catastrophe retreating forwards is our best collective option.
The sooner most of us upload the greater the chance for ecological revival.
Welcome to childhoods end - welcome to the revolution.

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