Why's the CIA's David Shedd texting me out of the blue?

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Fri Sep 2 05:22:59 PDT 2022

If you pass on any known USG agent's details to me I'll see they are wacked out in a New York minute, Dougie.

I see your bff Heather dropped out of WL prior to that org pledging allegiance to the USA in 2013.
However she will still have to answer for that full year she spent inside a corrupt scam protecting an accused rape-artist.

The penalty for that is severe, as you should be aware.
Also theĀ  WL ' Cypherpunks " and " Tomorrow Today " scams will be charged against her.
I don't like her chances at this stage. Now you've exposed this total non-entity she will be given a lot to be philosophical about.
Thanks for being a good rat, D

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