Libertarian-socialist and progressive bitcoiners LISTEN UP!

professor rat pro2rat at
Mon Oct 31 15:16:38 PDT 2022

You will be required to do due diligence on the historical record of cypherpunks.

There will be exams.

One key question will concentrate on the difference between thieving Randite moron ' Floundering Fathers ' and those rebellious P2P Promethean punks that bought forth genuine list anarchism ( and suffered years in prison for it )

Cheat sheet - discredited dipshits include ( but are not limited to ) Tim Mongo May, Nazi Nick Szabo, Adam Back and those two infamous and unholy Aussie conmen, Craig and Julian.

Revolutionary hero's include ( but are not limited to ) Jim Bell, Carl Johnson and Moi ( The Nelson Mandela of cryptoanarchy ) 
Any list based on the idea of examining a new political-economy must be judged on ideological grounds - not technical.  Technical judgements apply to lists like CODING LISTS. Engineering ( LEAFblower, etc ) and Legal. 
Any self described anarchist list must be judged in anarchist terms and by their criteria.
" Chaffing and Winnowing ' if you will.
Thank youse for your patients.

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