CNN pushes for Alan Dershowitz to disclose funders in defamation suit

Gunnar Larson g at
Mon Oct 31 05:14:52 PDT 2022

(Reuters) - If emeritus Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz is
forced to reveal the names of donors to a legal defense fund paying some of
his expenses in a defamation lawsuit against CNN, he can lay the blame on
ex-Congressman Devin Nunes.

Judges, as you know, are generally not inclined to order plaintiffs to
disclose granular detail about outside funding deals. But last year, a
federal magistrate judge in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, ruled that Hearst Magazine
Media Inc was entitled to know who was paying for close relatives of Nunes,
who was at the time a Republican Congressman from California, to litigate a
defamation suit over an Esquire story about the Nunes family's Iowa dairy
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