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Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at
Sun Oct 30 05:56:15 PDT 2022

Eventually other groups of zombies figure out to band together in
compounds and occasionally there are inter-outpost conflicts where one
fortress of undead zombies may attempt to subsume another.

This is done by all the zombies coming together and groaning and
moaning “braiiins …” and putting on staged displays of undead
shambling horror at the opposing compound, which they do practically
automatically. Zombies exposed to more thorough depictions of
reanimated mindlessness are beset by a zombie pall as the plague more
thoroughly infests them, balk from their compound and run, arms
stiffly outstretched, to the opposing one.

If losing zombie throng to an opposing outpost, the player must try to
disband the conflict, hide the outpost from their remaining horde, and
begin building away from the dangerous group’s walls. The wild mass
outside the walls can be stimulated to tax and distract an
out-competing neighboring compound.

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