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Sat Oct 29 21:42:13 PDT 2022 Fuhck The Bahnks
It’s times like these where you learn the most about crypto,
because the audience has shrunk and the OG’s remain.

Fuck it all, go crypto. Inside Job 97% Owned Spiders Web Princes of Yen Freedom to Facism
'Goldman Sachs - The Bank that Rules the World' original French made
AlJazeera version Money Masters Dark Side of the Looking Glass Wall Street Code Immutable NFT's Lucy Komisar Wes Christian Susanne Trimbath Naked Short Virtu AI Tendie Man Kiffness Cryptocurrency: I Can Feel It Coming

Rothschild empire
Secret of Oz
American Dream
End of the Road
Four Horsemen
Fiat Empire
Money for Nothing
Wizard of Oz and Gold Standard lecture
The Crash Course Series
History of Money series
Atlas Shrugged Francisco D'Anconia's speech
Planet of the Apes

Duration 	Date 	Title
	1910- 	Wizard of Oz
1.5h 	1940 	Gaslight
1.5h 	1966 	Penelope 	
2h 	Jun 8, 1983 	Trading Places
1.5h 	Nov 6, 1987 	Hiding Out 	
2h 	Dec 11, 1987 	Wall Street 	
0.5h 	Jan 14, 1989 	Alfred Hitchcock Presents Don't Sell Yourself Short (S4E6) 	
1.5h 	Oct 18, 1991 	Other People's Money 	
2h 	May 1, 1992 	Folks! 	
2h 	Mar 20, 1993 	Barbarians at the Gate 	
2h 	Dec 16, 1994 	Dumb and Dumber [franchise] 	
3h 	Nov 14, 1995 	Casino
3.5h 	Jan, 1996 	The Money Masters
1.5h 	Jan 9, 1998 	Wag the Dog
2h 	Sep 11, 1998 	Rounders 	
2h 	Jun 25, 1999 	Rogue Trader
2.5h 	Oct 15, 1999 	Fight Club 	
2h 	Feb 18, 2000 	Boiler Room 	
1.5h 	Apr 14, 2000 	American Psycho 	
TV 	Aug 15, 2000 - Jan 30, 2001 	Bull (TV Series) (8 episodes never
aired - I wonder why)
2.5h 	Jan 10, 2003 	25th Hour 	
1.5h 	Apr 30, 2004 	Mean Girls 	
2h 	Nov 25, 2004 	The Edukators
2h 	May 20, 2005 	Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room 	
1.5h 	Dec 21, 2005 	Fun with Dick and Jane 	
2h 	Mar 17, 2006 	V for Vendetta 	
2h 	Feb 12, 2009 	Jak-jeon (The Scam) 	
1.5h 	Mar 1, 2009 	Broke: The New American Dream 	
1.5h 	Apr 5, 2009 	Ripped Off: Madoff and the Scamming of America 	
1h 	Jun 10, 2009 	Stock Shock
1h 	Aug 2, 2009 	In Plain Sight: Once a Ponzi Time (TV Episode S2E14) 	
1h 	Oct 22, 2009 	The Border: Killer Debt (TV Episode S3E3) 	
1h 	Mar 4, 2010 	Quants - The Alchemists of Wall Street - VPRO documentary 	
2h 	Sep 24, 2010 	Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps 	
2h 	Nov 12, 2010 	Inside Job 	
2.5h 	Jan 5, 2011 	Zeitgeist: Moving Forward 	
2h 	May 23, 2011 	Too Big To Fail
1.5h 	Jun 3, 2011 	The Flaw 	
1.5h 	Aug 26, 2011 	Chasing Madoff 	
2h 	Sep 29, 2011 	Margin Call
1.5h 	Nov 4, 2011 	Tower Heist 	
1.5h 	Jan, 2012 	Radio Wars
1.5h 	Mar 1, 2012 	The Wall Street Conspiracy 	
1.5h 	Mar 14, 2012 	Four Horsemen
1h 	Apr 24, 2012 	Frontline: Money, Power and Wall Street: Part One 	
1h 	Apr 24, 2012 	Frontline: Money, Power and Wall Street: Part Two 	
1h 	May 1, 2012 	Frontline: Money, Power and Wall Street: Part Three 	
1h 	May 1, 2012 	Frontline: Money, Power and Wall Street: Part Four 	
1.5h 	May 16, 2012 	The Dictator
2h 	Jun 29, 2012 	Madea's Witness Protection 	
2h 	Nov 14, 2012 	Capital 	
1h 	Dec 12, 2013 	Elementary: Internal Audit (TV Episode S2E11) 	
3h 	Dec 25, 2013 	The Wolf of Wall Street 	
2h 	Jan 20, 2014 	The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz 	
2.5h 	Mar 21, 2014 	The Divergent Series: Divergent
2h 	Oct 31, 2014 	Nightcrawler
1h 	Nov 4, 2014 	Princes of the Yen - Documentary Film
1h 	Nov 13, 2014 	Bones: The Money Maker on the Merry-Go-Round (TV
Episode S10E7)
2h 	Mar 20, 2015 	The Divergent Series: Insurgent 	
2h 	Dec 23, 2015 	The Big Short [some releases contain censorship]
TV 	Jan 17, 2016 - TBA 	Billions (TV Series)
3h 	Feb 3, 2016 	Madoff (TV Mini Series) 	
2h 	Mar 18, 2016 	The Divergent Series: Allegiant (Part 1) 	
1.5h 	May 13, 2016 	Money Monster 	
1.5h 	Jul 29, 2016 	Equity 	
2h 	Oct 14, 2016 	The Accountant 	
1.5h 	Apr 11, 2017 	The Bang Bang Brokers 	
2h 	May 20, 2017 	The Wizard of Lies 	
1h 	Nov 21, 2017 	Saving Capitalism 	
TV 	Jan 26, 2018 - Mar 11, 202 	Dirty Money (TV Series) 	
1.5h 	Mar 23, 2018 	The China Hustle 	
2h 	Jul 17, 2018 	Billionaire Boys Club 	
2h 	Dec 25, 2018 	Vice 	
TV 	Feb 22, 2019 	This Giant Beast That is the Global Economy (TV Series) 	
2h 	Mar 22, 2019 	The Hummingbird Project 	
2h 	Jul 24, 2019 	The Great Hack
1.5h 	Sep 27, 2019 	The Laundromat 	
2h 	Oct 4, 2019 	Joker 	
2h 	Dec 6, 2019 	Dark Waters (noteworthy for illustrating how DOJ
encourages and turns a blind eye to shredding
2h 	Apr 25, 2020 	Bad Education 	
1.5h 	Apr 3, 2020 	Capital in the Twenty-First Century 	
30m 	Jun 12, 2020 	Crossing Swords (TV Episode S1E8)
1.5h 	Sep 9, 2020 	The Social Dilemma 	
TV 	Oct 9, 2020 	Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story (TV Series) 	
1.5h 	Oct 23, 2020 	Business Ethics 	
2h 	Jan 19, 2021 	Hot Money
1.5h 	Feb 11, 2021 	Can't Get You Out of My Head (TV Mini Series)
Bloodshed on Wolf Mountain (TV Episode S1E1)
1h 	Apr 15, 2021 	The Madoff Affair (full documentary) - FRONTLINE 	
1h 	Apr 21, 2021 	Who Runs The World? Blackrock and Vanguard 	
4.5h 	Oct 7, 2021 	The Billion Dollar Code (TV Mini Series) 	
20m 	Nov 15, 2021 	A young trader jumps into the biggest trade of his
life amid the September 11 attacks. - Free Fall
2.5h 	Dec 24, 2021 	Don't Look Up 	
45m 	Jan 20, 2022 	Law & Order: Organized Crime (TV Episode S2E12)
TV 	Feb 15, 2022 	Icahn: The Restless Billionaire
TV 	Mar 3, 2022 	Gaming Wall St

Pattern Integrity Films

Documentaries, Movies, Lectures, Shows and Short Films

The Wall Street Conspiracy

Panic - untold story of 2008

Capitalism: A love story

PBS Frontline Season 2012: Money, Power, and Wallstreet (part 1-4, Ep 7-10)

The Dark Side of the Looking Glass - The Corruption of our Capital Markets

ETF Short Interest and Failures-to-Deliver: Naked Short Selling or
Operational Shorting?

PBS Frontline Inside the Meltdown

Too Big To Fail (HBO max)

DIRTY MONEY (Netflix docuseries)

the episode "Drug Short" on the pharma short gives you insight into
the mind and ambition of short sellers and we get our boy from citron

The Crash (free on TUBI)

Rogue Trader

The Flaw (Prime)

Bang, boom, bust (Prime)

BILLIONS (showtime)

We're Not Broke (2012): Tax evasion in the US. Rent on Youtube Rent on Amazon

Let's Make Money (2008): "Skewed pricing of goods and labor between
developed, and developing countries - I couldn't find anything except
a really poor quality upload to youtube -
I didn't watch it to confirm this is actually the doc but it does look
like it."

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005): documentary about the
Enron stock fraud, REALLY good if you don't know anything about that
scandal. The arrogance of these white collar criminals will seem VERY
familiar. Also from a book of the same name if you prefer to read.
Rent on Youtube Amazon video Link Also it might be on vimeo or

IndependentPOV channel on youtube

The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire

Wall Street Code documentary

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