James Donald, a True Nazi.

punk punks at tfwno.gf
Sat Oct 29 13:23:13 PDT 2022

	This motherfucking thing donald is a True Nazi according to himself. A techno-nazi to be more accurate (but he doesn't admit that). Technonazis and communists are of course one and the same turd. 


	"We have had three hundred and eighty years of corporate tech innovation" 

	...also known as mercantilism, techno-fascism, techno-nazism, or communism. The donald thing is about to be turned into a remote-controlled bot, thanks to elon moko brainchips, and yet he keeps hysterically sucking the cock that is about to obliterate him.

	"fake Nazis on Gab are spouting Marxist history"

	unlike donald who is a True Nazi, barefacedly lying about the nature of fascism and 'technology', which he calls 'capitalism'. So yeah, such level of evil and stupidity can only be achieved by jewnazi US cypherpunks such as donald.

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