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The Self-Writing Novel, Volume 41
by Rebel Worker 2
page 4

Suddenly Rebel Worker 2’s office phone rang. And also his cellphone.
Within the span of one minute, his computer reported text messages and
zoom conference calls, he got many texts from a number of coworkers
asking questions and requesting work, and DictatorSoft interrupted to
report an emergency in the nuclear containment area: all hands needed

Before leaving to help contain the catastrophe, Rebel Worker 2 took
some time to write down the great material he was experiencing.  As he
did so, his body started fighting him, as if something would take him
over and try to undo, destroy, or prevent, everything he tried to
write, in ways that slowly became a little more creative. Not all of
the novel made it through onto paper, but some of it did.

Rebel Worker 2 rushed to the nuclear containment area. His squad was
tasked with pulling a large lever labeled “ISOLATE BREACH”. He was
working with Charismatic Coworker, Rebel Researcher, Specialist, Cult
Programmer 3 …all his friends!

Suddenly Charismatic Coworker burst into tears.

“I … can’t pull it,” Charismatic Coworker sobbed. “I know in my heart
that there is still writing on Mind Control out there unburned, after
all our work.” Charismatic Coworker continued sobbing. “How can we let
our species survive, with such horrible things happening?”

Charismatic Coworker stared straight at Rebel Worker 2, as if they
knew exactly what Rebel Worker 2 had been doing, every moment of the
past two days. “How many novels did you burn today? What have you been
doing with your time?”

Rebel Worker 2 pulled the lever, and had to fight off Charismatic
Coworker to do so.

“Breach contained!” DictatorSoft chimed rewardingly from everyone’s pocket.

Rebel Worker 2 returned to their office and wrote down all the great material.

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